About Us

Raeder Landree markets YOUR value to IT professionals


We opened our doors back in 1995 in Pittsburgh when the IT industry was just spreading its wings. That insight allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of tech jobs and what employers look for each year. Unlike other headhunters, we ignored other professions and focused on IT jobs which we still do to this day.


This ‘focus’ allowed us to become experts in technology trends and aspiring talent in the industry. Plus, unlike other IT placement services, we get to know employers as well as the candidates we represent.


You see, they are like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and each is looking for the right fit. Our job is to make them meet. We understand that every job seeker has his/her own priorities and experiences that can suit certain employers. To ensure their meeting goes smoothly, we investigate both to make sure their requirements match.

Long-term partnership with employers searching for IT based talent


At Raeder Landree we take time to learn the work culture of IT companies we recruit for before sending suitable candidates their way. As agents who take their searches seriously, we investigate not only a company’s work culture, but also their technical environment.


This allows us to create a path for suitable candidates straight to jobs that fulfill career goals. This insight also helps us make placements that become assets for the employer.


In fact, our placements go two ways – many of the professionals we placed in the past and are now successful employers who recruit talent from us.


So, whether you want to be placed as a Chief Information Officer, Programmer, Network Analyst, Systems Analyst, Database Administrator or any technical position. Raeder Landree will not disappoint.


Our agents can find candidates who are not only the right fit, but who also have the vision and dedication to become real assets. We use the market insight and market knowledge we gain from our recruiting efforts to improve our placement success rate.


We know the exact criteria we need to meet for each employer and job seeker who comes to us. With 22 years offering IT placement services, we have the insight, resources, experience and talent to help candidates improve their careers with better jobs and provider employers with quality assets for their companies.

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