Why Raeder Landree

For The Technical Professional

At one point or another every person was gotten tired of their job. Either it’s not demanding enough, you just lose interest or there is no future for advancement. There are many reasons. You consider looking for another job, but the search is intimidating or too demanding or requires additional time and effort. It just becomes easier to remain unsatisfied. There is no reason to ever work at a job were you’re not satisfied.

Our Agents understand that. They work with you to understand your career path expectations. They can guide you, when taking that next career step. Daily discussions with industry hiring managers keep them on top of today’s technical employment market. Your Agent works on your behalf. To make sure you are comfortable with the hiring process, answer your questions and promote your skills. We have represented technical specialist for more than 25 years. If you need help with your career path, talk with our Agents and discuss what jobs are there for you.

To Our Clients

The is no greater challenge for business to find the right person(s) to take on a project. Especially technical projects. Finding the right Project Managers, Software Programmers, System Administrators or technical specialist can be daunting. Our Account Managers understand your technical needs. They work closely with Human Resource departments and hiring managers to comprehend position requirements and hiring process. With that information they meet with our Agents to source the most qualified candidates available. To minimize sending poorly qualified candidates, our Account Managers vet every Agent submitted candidate. The Account Manager verifies candidates meet position requirements before sending them to the hiring manager to begin the interview process.

These relationships and open lines of communications give our clients a peace of mind that Raeder Landree is working on their behalf to source the most qualified candidates available.