C++ Developer – 8192

Raeder Landree, Inc.

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· The successful Senior Software Engineer exhibits the characteristics of a great leader. These include intelligence, self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, social skill, empathy, humor, passion, courage, compassion and toughness that combine to form a leader that people are eager to follow. · You will have the opportunity to contribute to building features and components in our ATS software systems that are deployed to production customers. This will enable to develop wisdom derived from the experience of delivering production systems in the rail industry. · You will be challenged to learn the our industry and the continually advancing technologies that foster innovation solutions for our customers. · As an experienced and accomplished member of our team, you will succeed in developing those around you by sharing, teaching and mentoring. Your presence will multiply those around making the group collectively more successful. · You will collaborate cross functionally and globally. Woven into our fabric is the core value that we are more successful collectively collaborating to create great results. While individual contributions are objectified and rewarded, succeeding as a team is favored over creating cast towers of individual knowledge. · Embrace appropriate risk taking and learning from the occasional failures that sometimes occur. You will push yourself and the team beyond what you think the limits are to continuously evolve us and the state of our craft. · Effective written and verbal communications skills are imperatives to socialize and influence the organization. Required Skills/ Knowledge: · 5+ years of experience in the broad spectrum of the software developer life-cycle. · Significant experience building enterprise class, multi-process, fault tolerant load balanced and multi-tiered systems. · Expert level C++ programming skills that leverage advanced constructs of the language. · Experience applying Object-Oriented Design principles and patterns. · Extensive knowledge of developing software in a Linux environment, including writing and modifying shell scripts. · Strong diagnostic and analytical skills. · Experience with continuous integration, static code analysis, branching and versioning and DevOps. · Must be able to handle working in a dynamic environment with parallel responsibilities and competing priorities. · Maintain the appropriate balance between speed and perfection while never compromising quality. · Energizes those around them when working with a team while having the ability to go solo when appropriate. · Lifelong learner that shares and teaches what you learn. · Excellent verbal and written communication skills. · Experience implementing and sustaining mission critical enterprise systems. Desired Skills/ Knowledge: · Prior experience in control systems or embedded systems · Experience with Agile methodology and Scrum or other Agile processes · Experience Java, JavaScript, Electron, Motif, Qt · SQL database data modeling and interaction Education / Qualifications • Bachelors degree in Electronics, Computer Science or equivalent technical/scientific background Languages • English Proficiency


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