Why Raeder Landree?

If you are searching for a job in IT that can meet your expectations, Raeder Landree’s IT placement services can help. We have specialized agents who search for candidates like you who want to advance their career, but find many closed doors. Raeder Landree can help open them.

We know that often it’s not what you know but who you know in the IT industry that matters. So even if your resume is great, it may not see the light of day. We give each job seeker our undivided attention which makes us different from other so called ‘staffing agencies'.

Here are some more reasons why Raeder Landree can fill the hottest needs in the industry:


IT Staffing is our Specialty!


As a focused staffing agency, Raeder Landree only specializes in IT placement services. In other words, if you are a professional in the field, we can find a job that suits you.

Unlike other placement services, we realize that adding more professions to the mix will only affect our target. That’s why we only focus on hunting down talent that can fit specific roles in technology.


Partnerships with Key Decision Makers


Even if you are highly qualified, your resume may not stand out. You will likely be vying for the same positions as people who are equally or even more qualified. Employers often don't have time to sort through dozens if not hundreds of resumes that come across their desk. That is why those employers come to us. We understand what they need and can quickly narrow down suitable applicants. The result is strong ties with key decision makers. Who are the technology professionals hiring.


Access to Insider Information


Are you looking for a job that pays well, offers the benefits you are looking for, fits your job requirements and has a comfortable corporate culture? Raeder Landree can locate it for you. How? We know what tech companies are looking for and we look out for that skill.

There is no need to search for the perfect job on your own. The experts at Raeder Landree have your back. We have the inside scoop on the best placement options available for you.


Get Personal Agents


A résumé is nothing but a lifeless piece of paper with some words on it. It can’t represent you as well as your personal agents can. Employers don’t know who you are but we can give them an excellent idea. In other words, Raeder Landree’s agents will be your personal advocate. We will sell your skills and make sure the decision makers know who you are.

Our agents convince employers you are the best person for the job. Once they are convinced, we can help negotiate a compensation package that can work for you.

The Agent Concept

Headhunters have a bad reputation in recruitment circles. Most just want to get their hands on the job fee and once they get it, that’s the last you see of them. Raeder Landree is more than that. We work for you and the company looking for employees like you. We are agents for both sides. It's our advantage when both parties are happy with their decisions. As professional agents, we also understand that changing jobs is an important decision. Our recruiters work for you. Don't hesitate to ask them anything you are unsure or concerned about. It's all about what is best for you. We will break it down for you: You went through the job posting sites already? All the job descriptions look the same. Do I inquire here or there? Is this job close to home? Is there public transportation? What's the work environment like? You won't find this information in a job posting. Our agents have this information that allows you to make a more informed decision. What about your needs? We get to know the person behind the résumé. Beside your skill set, we went to know your priorities and career goals. Raeder Landree we can get you access to the details of a position. If their is interest with both parties we can assist with negotiating benefits that agrees with everyone.  



Work schedule

Vacation time

Paid casuals

Flexible schedules


We include insight into the company you will be working for. If the work culture does not meet your expectations, we can find others that do. That is much better than thinking you found the job of your dreams and end up with a company that your not comfortable working for. What if you don’t like the job or the pay or the people there? We can help you determine these things before you accept any position. After we have an OK from you, we will take that information and negotiate the best compensation package on your behalf. That is after we know that your questions are answered and your satisfied with the position. In other words, when you place your trust in Raeder Landree, it will never be misplaced. Don’t waste your skills in a job that you feel is a dead end. If you have the skills, we have positions that can do them justice. We have placed job seekers in the following IT based positions:  

Software Engineer

Network Engineer

Web Developer

Project Manager

Database Administrator

Telecommunications Analyst

Vice President of Ecommerce

Director of Operations

Hardware Engineers

Software Engineers

Senior Product Manager

Data Warehouse Specialist

Interaction Designer

Business Analyst

Quality Assurance Analyst

Database Developer

  So if you are searching for a job in IT that speaks to you on a professional and personal level, Raeder Landree are the agents for you.

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