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Hi-Tech Placement Specialists

Founded in Pittsburgh in 1995, Raeder Landree has experience that is both deep and broad. Deep because we place only hi-tech professionals. Unlike many headhunters, we don't dabble in a multitude of professions. We're experts in the technology, trends, and rising talent of the I.T. world.

Our experience is broad too. We recognize that different job seekers have different needs and priorities, depending on their age, lifestyle, and experience. Here at Raeder Landree, for example, some of us are Baby Boomers, others are Gen-X'rs. So we respect that two people with the same skills may not be equally suited to the same job. We pay careful attention to this fact as we match each candidate with the position that's right for them personally.

This unique approach to job placement has paid off - for our clients and for us. In fact, some of the decision makers to whom we recommend candidates today are professionals we successfully placed in the past.

Where do you want to use your skills? At Raeder Landree, we place hi-tech professionals at all organizational levels - from programmer to Chief Information Officer.


Recently, we've placed people in the following permanent and contract positions:
Software Engineer Network Engineer
Web Developer Project Manager
Database Administrator Telecommunications Analyst
VP, e-Commerce Director, Operations
Hardware Engineers Senior Product Manager
Interaction Designer Business Analyst
Data Warehouse Specialist Quality Assurance Analyst
Database Developer  
The skills of the people we place are just as diverse. A short list would include:
C++ Visual Basic
SQL Server JavaScript
Oracle SAP
CISCO Cold Fusion