Hi-Tech Headhunters

Competition for hi-tech jobs can be pretty savage. How will you make yourself stand out from the crowd? Rely on "the monster"? Sure, then you can be the gazillionth résumé in their database.

Should you go it alone - try to find your own way in the jungle? First, consider this: Relying on just your résumé is a primitive way to get an interview. Unless you know someone inside the company, you're reduced to a piece of paper, competing with countless other pieces of paper.

In the jungle you need an expert guide. And who better to represent you in the jungle than a headhunter? Especially one that cares about more than just a fee for your head. That's what makes Raeder Landree a more civilized breed of headhunter.

We're committed to building relationships. Why? It's just good business. We've made repeated hi-tech placements with some of the area's fast-growing companies. We can do that because our previous placements have been so successful. In fact, many of the decision makers to whom we recommend candidates today are hi-tech professionals we successfully placed in the past.

Not only are we on a first-name basis with these hiring managers, we also know just the kind of people they're seeking. So we're armed with two things you need: company contacts and inside information.

Let us prepare you for the best interview you've ever had.